Laser Lipo Results

Examples of our Laser Lipo ‘Before and After’ Treatments


Laser Lipo is quite simply the most revolutionary fat busting and inch loss system ever made.

Unlike invasive surgery, the NRG LipoSculpt treatment does not harm the body in any way as the fat cells are left intact, the body will still maintain its ability to store fat in the areas that have been targeted. This will prevent fat being stored in different areas of the body thus avoiding unwanted uneven body contours.

Clients who maintain a healthy diet and moderate exercise regime will retain the benefits of the NRG LipoSculpt treatment and maintain their body shape.

By investing in the very latest LipoSculpt laser technology machine, Leigh Laser Clinic can now offer the only 12 paddle, dual frequency, non-invasive lipo system in Europe which is 30% more effective than any other laser liposculpture machine on the market.


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Laser Lipo Results

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