Understanding and Improving your Metabolism

Understanding and Improving your Metabolism

Metabolism is a word whose meaning encompasses everything the body does to keep human beings alive, including proper function of all the organs. It converts/burns calories in food to energy (hence the link to weight issues) to enable the body to move, breath and everything else we take for granted!

You are born with a sort of cruise control that regulates your ‘resting’ metabolic rate (BMR). BMR accounts for approximately 60 percent of the total energy an average person expends in a day. The rest is used in digestion, exercise, and even fidgeting.

How to keep your metabolism in top shape


Eat more protein – a proven way to raise metabolism as your body has a higher metabolic rate while it digests the protein (approx 20% more).





Exercise more – think of it as keeping the engine running, try walk not car – stairs not lift! Sensible weight training also provides a good metabolism boost.





Practice portion control – limiting main meal portions helps ensure that you don’t overload your metabolism with a surplus of energy, this leads to more fat being stored.




Graze! Eat less food more often – this helps normalise blood sugar levels in our bodies rather than producing three large spikes, which is what happens when eating three meals a day.





Finally, have a good laugh & sleep well! – Research has shown that those with a generally happy outlook and those that get a good 7-9 hours sleep a night tend to have a good, calorie burning metabolism!



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